We provide a fully integrated default Linux server installer and live image for our own services and everyone interested. It is based on Debian 8 (jessie) with LXC and selected backports from the upcoming Debian 9 (strech).

It comes in two variants: one to be used with a BFH account and one without.

It comes in multiple media flavours each: combined ISO and USB/HDD images, and OVA/VirtualBox VMs, for the amd64 and i386 architectures.

If you are interested in regular status updates on the further development of the client, you might want to subscribe to our and/or mailing lists.


Please also use the BFH Linux Users mailing list for feedback, problems, and questions.

Download: 3.20150316-1 (requires no BFH Account to use)

OVA Image (VirtualBox, VMware, ...)

64 Bit: lxc-server_3.20150316-1_amd64.ova
32 Bit: lxc-server_3.20150316-1_i386.ova
Login: sysadmin / open
Meta: SHA512 PGP