First steps with Bareos service


Read this section, if you haven’t used or haven’t run bareos until yet…

  • For fist time of use, you have to install bareos, after the installation bareos should be configured
  • The following script contains the installation part and also the configuration part;

Download the following script file:


Unix command to download the script

$ wget /tmp/.

Make it executable (for root and current logged user)

$ chmod 750 /tmp/

# Unix command to set executable permissions to every one, run command "chmod" with sudo package for getting root privileges

$ sudo chmod +x

Run it …. (enter ./NameofScript in bash terminal)

$ ./     # Use this command if you are in the tmp folder/directory
$ ./tmp/ # With this command you can call the script anywhere, and it will wort (so along the script file is there)

Configure bareos, enter the list below by keyboard:

- Full length computer name = Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
- BFH-Kürzel (BFH LDAP User name)
- BFH-PW (BFH LDAP Password)
- Message with information about the scheduled jobs from Bareos director configuration manager (have a look @ bareos job management site Bareos Job Management [service configuration])

-- If you don't know how many restore point bareos should create --> Call (84848) or just ask some one

Now your bareos client is configured, your bareos account on the Director isn’t enabled yet, to enable your bareos client, you have to open a “OTRS Ticket”

Bareos Job Management [service configuration]

Open OTRS Ticket

Here is the same thing, but the manual has an other face… Open ORTS Ticket

OTRS Ticket Template

Queue: Linux
Service: Bareos
Protocols: Bareos Native or NMDP (Bareos Native if unsure)

FQDN / Fully Qualified Domain Name: (for exmaple --> FQDN for Testserver, --> Original FQDN)
Size of Backup Repo:
Schedule plan: For example (Mo 08:00, Mo 15:00, Di 12:00, Mi 21:00, So 00:00 etc.)

Users can request a bareos profile:

  • Download the bareos prepare script []
  • Make it executable and run it (you create your own profile, so an Bareos Admin Team checks your configuration, after they received a trigger[via ORTS Ticket System])
  • Open Ticket for becoming an active bareos profile (the Bareos admin team will set your account active, when they have checked your bareos configuration, the Ticket transmit is the trigger)

Ticket Template on OTRS and Visit and open a Ticket with the title “activate Bareos account” [aBa], write in the text body the full length computer name = Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and your BFH-Kürzel (LDAP BFH Username) You become an E-mail when your account is enabled. The support team will start a backup job, the jobid will be send to you via E-mail (OTRS Ticketing System)

Check if all works

  • Do a full backup or run a different job
  • Restore a file or an hole directory to be sure, that the restore function works well
  • Test Bare Metal Restore Medium

Now, you know, you’re safe, but only so along the backup data is stored, Because of this, its on your attention to check that your backup job is working (can be restored/reverted), do this check every semester (all half year)