Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)


The ESB setup consists of the following components:

  • Debian 9 (stretch) VMs on VMware ESX (becenter) with a shared NFS volume on NetApp.
  • ESB application (redhat-jboss-fuse-karaf)

There are production systems and test systems.


The following systems are maintained by us:

  • esb[1-5].bfh.ch
  • esb-database.bfh.ch
  • esb-proxy.bfh.ch
  • esb-proxydmz.bfh.ch

with the following rules:

  • we coordinate reboots and updates for redhat-jboss-fuse-karaf
  • we install all other updates through apt at any given time, automatically and without prior notice.
  • it’s the responsibility for rtg1 to ensure that package updates work for redhat-jboss-fuse-karaf package.
  • we are the only ones with root access
  • we do not configure services, if changes to any system components needs to be done, they have to be provided and send by email to its-linux-sysadmin@lists.bfh.ch.
  • update requests or patches for changes to the redhat-jboss-fuse-karaf package have to be based on the current git repository and be send to its-linux-sysadmin@lists.bfh.ch. we usually reply within one week with either a response or an updated package.

we do not maintain the following systems at all:

  • esb-test[1-5].bfh.ch
  • esb-database-test.bfh.ch
  • esb-proxy-test.bfh.ch
  • esb-proxydmz-test.bfh.ch
  • esb-jenkins.bfh.ch

Single Point of Contact

Philipp Pluess is the single point of contact for all ESB related things. All mails need to be send to its-linux-sysadmin@lists.bfh.ch. If Philipp is absent, Daniel Baumann substitutes.