Offline Services

General information

We provide the service for a message on a visited URL wich is offline.


This service works with dynamicly generated messages, configured by values in the URL. As such it usually relies on a web redirect.


Use the following parameters in the URL. The url and infourl parameters are protected against phising. As such, the whole message will be discarded, if the url is pointing outside the domain.

GET Value Description Required
site Text The name of the disrupted service. Usually a fully qualified domain name. Yes
reason [maintenance|incident|construction] One of the text templates. See Reason below for more information. Yes
from YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM The beginning of the maintenance/incident window. Optional
until YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM The end of the maintenance/incident window. Optional
url URL inside domain A URL displayed in the message. See also redirect and until parameters. Optional
redirect boolean If enabled and the time until has reached, an automatic HTTP redirect will point to the url address. By default disabled. Optional
infourl URL inside domain An URL for additional information displayed below the message. Optional
lang [en|de|fr] Display the message in the given language. Users can always change the language. If not given, the prefered browser language is also considered. Optional


By selecting a reason, the corresponding text template will be used. Currently there are following templates defined;

  • maintenance, maintenance-simple
  • incident, incident-simple
  • construction

Maintenance-simple and incident-simple are used if there was no timestamp for from and until defined. A such the message “until unknown” is ommited.


This service has no configuration possibilities, as we gather all informations from the URL parameters.


We maintain following git repository for source files:

git clone