Linux Install Party 2015-10-01

Place and Date

A Linux Install Party in cooperation with the HuCe Microlab takes place on:

  • 2015-10-01, 16:15-18:00: Quellgasse (O 3.1), Biel

This is an open event. We welcome everyone.

There is no registration required but if you intend to attend the party, please consider filling out the Doodle Poll so we can estimate the numbers of attendents more accurately.


Part 1: Introduction

  1. Quick Introduction to Debian and Derivatives
  2. Poll: Who uses 32bit? → use different image
  3. Poll: Who has no backup? → use Virtual Box
  4. Poll: Who cannot boot from USB? → use CD
  5. Rant about EFI, Secure Boot, and Dual Boot

Part 2: Installation

  1. Guided Installation with Beamer and Personal Aissistance
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Part 3: Further Information

  1. Quick GNOME Introduction
  2. Additional Software
  3. Software Updates
  5. Note about VirtualBox and Live Systems